Q: Who should I see regarding unemployment?
A: See the receptionist at the front desk if you need something faxed to unemployment. State agencies are not the easiest numbers to fax to because of the high volume of senders. We will gladly try a couple of times but cannot guarantee it will be received at their end. See the Student Registrar if you need copy of your enrollment agreement showing your start and graduation dates.

Q: What is the attendance procedure?
A: Call the school to report an absence. If you need to miss an extended period of time, complete a Leave of Absence request which can be found on this website.

Q: What documents should I bring to school with me each day?
A: Make sure to bring your temporary permit, driver’s license, and dot physical card each day to school. Without one of these items you will not be able to do any hands-on training and will be sent home.

Q: What door should I enter?
A: Please use the side door when arriving and departing from class each day.

Q: What is the job application process?
A: All hard copy applications are to be put in the gray box outside of the heavy equipment classroom. Most companies require you to fill out online applications. You have access to our computers in the student break area.

Q: Where are all the restrooms located?
A: We have restrooms located in the building near the front lobby, in the trailer in the middle of the yard, and in the trailer located near the smoking area and student break area.

Q: When do you need to check out of the hotel?
A: The morning of your state skills test you must check out of the room. If you happen to fail and need to practice before your retest, contact your Admissions Representative for room availability before your retest.

Q: What is the test date procedure and retest fees?
A: If you happen to fail your state test, you must pay for your retest before a new test date will be scheduled. Call or visit to pay your retest fee. Once you have paid, contact the CDL Coordinator for your retest date. If you fail pre-trip your retest is $115.00, yard $88.00, road $61.00.

Q: What is the deadline on temp permit?
A: You must have your temporary permit before you start the program.

Q: What documentation do I need to bring with me when obtaining my temp permit?
A: You must provide a copy of your birth certificate in order to obtain your temp permit. Female students who have been married also need to provide a copy of their marriage license.

Q: What do I bring to the test center?
A: Driver’s license, temporary permit, and a good attitude.

Q: Where are nearby places to eat?
A: Many students bring a small cooler with them, but if you would like to eat out, there is a Dairy Queen, Subway, and IGA located 1 mile west of our facility. IGA has many hot plate lunches to choose from. A circle K located 2 ½ miles west of here has chicken. There is a Columbia Beverage & Deli sub shop located 2.1 miles east of here on the corner of RT. 82 and 252. Pizza Pan from North Ridgeville allows special orders Tuesday through Friday and a sign-up sheet will be posted in the classroom and cafeteria. Pizza Pan accepts cash and credit/debit.

Q: What time is lunch?
A: 12:00 to 12:30 p.m.

Q: Does the school have a Harassment or sexual harassment policy?
A: Yes. It is explained in detail in the orientation packet. We have a very strict policy on this matter.

Q: What is the proper attire?
A: Boots are suggested, but at minimum tennis shoes. No flip flops. Please dress for the weather.

Q: Can I use my cell phone in the truck?
A: Keep your phone on vibrate. Zero tolerance regarding talking on the phone in the truck unless it is an emergency.

Q: What about weather cancellations and delays?
A: Stay tuned to Fox 8 news and Facebook for weather delays or cancellations.

Q: Who do I talk to about Placement questions and procedures?
A: You can see your Admissions Representative with placement related questions.

Q: VA questions?
A: See Don Mutters. He is our VA certifying official regarding VA benefit related questions.

Q: What is the graduation packet procedure?
A: See the Student Services Coordinator for your graduation packet. This will be available within 2 weeks of your graduation date, so please call in advance to see if it is ready.

Q: What is the drug screen process?
A: Each student will be drug tested before beginning school. 50% of each class will be randomly drug tested again while in school. If you fail a random drug screen, you must complete a recognized drug rehabilitation program and earn a certificate of completion in order to re-enter your training.

Company Recruiters/HR representatives frequently visit our school. The calendar showing when and who is posted on the window in the main hallway and another is posted in the student break area. If you are in the yard at the time a specific company is presenting and you would like to listen, let your yard instructor know that you would like to head into the classroom. This is optional or you may continue training. Our suggestion is to look at the schedule of companies that are visiting our school. Investigate the company online or call for more information.